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What Are The Components Of Landscaping

landscapingWhat Are The Components Of Landscaping

Do you want to know what components can help make your landscaping stand out? There are some important points that you need to know. You need to start from a larger perspective, taking into account specific areas of the yard to which you must be paying attention. The logical area where you should start is the driveway. How this area of your property is landscape will set the tone for the perception of the viewer about your entire yard.

Home Landscaping Basics


One of the most important component of a landscape design is the border. Aside from the purpose of defining the property lines, defined spaces just catch the eye much more readily compared to the ones that are open ended. Find out what landscape design look much more finished. You will realize that properties that are set off by stone walls or fencing look more attractive compared to those that do not have any framing.


If you are a plant lover and you need to define your property, you should consider hedges. You can go for the conventional choice, which is trimmed hedges but you can also go for living walls. They are composed of plants that are grouped loosely.

Foundation Planting

Traditionally speaking, foundation plantings were installed to conceal the raised house foundations, which were very popular in some regions. Although some may think that these plantings are no longer necessary, there are many other reasons to use foundation plantings. For example, they can soften your home’s hard lines, counteract the bleak look of your home, and even promote energy efficiency.

Home Entryway Landscaping

After driveway landscaping Charleston, you should also consider entryway landscaping. The design needs to blend with your yard’s overall design but still manage to pop out as a focal point. So, make sure you provide an attractive path that leads up to your entryway.

Color Scheme

Color is only one of the many elements of landscape design. But you should still spend time choosing plants that would showcase a color scheme that’s suitable for you and your property. You can also seek out the help of a professional landscape designer.

Water Fountains

Another component to having a beautiful landscape is hardscape. One of the most popular features of a hardscape is a water fountain. Just like plants, water fountains look wonderful. They boast certain qualities that plants don’t naturally possess. They create a soothing sound, which you’d love to hear especially after a hard day’s work. Moving water also suggests coolness even if you do not touch it.

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