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How to choose the right landscape designer?

landscapingHow to choose the right landscape designer?

Landscaping ideas are wonderful, but without the appropriate landscaping company or landscape designers, or other landscaping experts, including a landscape architect, could provide help on the installation of outdoor features, which includes some landscaping ideas that help boost the value of your home, the task could be difficult. They will take your yard beyond the basic lawn care tips for spaces that work like extensions of your indoor space and choosing the best one is important to having a successful working relationship, and a beautiful yard.

Here are some tips to help you choose the best landscaping professional.

Talk To Your Friends and Neighbors

Ask your friends and neighbors for references if they have worked with a landscaping Charleston SC professional in the past. You probably know someone who have had a landscaping project in the past and has worked with a professional who they may want to recommend.

Obtain Several Bids For A Project

When you are looking for a landscape designer, you need to get bids before you hire one. You must never hire the first professional who answers your call. When you explain the job, the landscaping professional will provide you with an estimate for the project, and the numbers will differ from one company to another. You could compare the bids against the cost of the project data for different landscaping projects to make sure that you are not paying more than what you need to be. Also, be careful of low bids because this may indicate that they’re doing a poor job or extra or hidden fees.

Ask For Project References

If you search for landscaper online or in yellow pages, you should ask about their past clients. When you talk to them, you should ask about their processes, their communication, staff, and how fast they want to finish a project. These things will allow you to learn more about the landscaping professional and help you set your expectations.

Check Their Licenses and Documentation

The landscaping professional must be able to prove that they are a legitimate company by being able to present their license. They should also be insured or have worker’s compensation in case the landscaper incurs injuries while on the job.

Discuss The Job Specifics

This is where you have to hash out everything regarding the project before you even talk about signing a contract and paying a deposit. A few of the landscaping questions that you need to ask are the following:

  • What are your practices when on the job?
  • What materials and equipment will be used for the project?
  • What are their past experiences with this kind of landscaping project?
  • Does the landscaping business belong to any national, state, or local landscaping associations?
  • Can they offer a design sketch for the project before we start?
  • Will they require a security deposit and how much will it be?

Sign the Contract

When you have located the right landscaper, then you need to make sure that everything is written down in the contract. The details must include the project’s start and end date, materials involved, lien waver, fees, and the guarantee.


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