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Choosing A Concrete Patio in Charleston

patio CharlestonChoosing A Concrete Patio in Charleston

A concrete patio area could be an appealing component of the landscape, if it is appropriately designed and accessorized. It is likewise a practical landscape component, as the outdoor patio is generally square and is simple to cut about. In addition, it is an outstanding location to take pleasure in outdoor entertaining and dining.

Why do many homeowners rely on concrete material for their patio?

The truth is concrete is long lasting and it could stand up to a large amount of deterioration. Developing a concrete outdoor patio is something that you could do by yourself in about three days. All you need is a little financial investment of time, then you could save money by mounting your outdoor patio on your own, instead of paying somebody else to do it.

How To Install Your Concrete Outdoor Patio

  1. Obviously, the first thing that you need to do is plan your patio area. You should determine just how huge you want the outdoor patio, then mark off the location. Be sure to have the right equipment you need. Fifty square feet is a relatively usual dimension for a patio Charleston area.
  2. The next thing to consider is the concrete. Make certain that you obtain the pre-mixed for finest outcomes and also most convenient building. You will also have to make ensure you have equipment for concrete such an automated concrete mixer. In case you do no have these, you always rent for these types of equipment.
  3. Next off, you should dig deep into the area with a yard shovel. The most effective way to do is dig six inches deep. This is to make sure that you have a two-inch layer of crushed rock below four inches of concrete. This is specifically crucial in the north, where the cold and also thawing cycle could trigger water drainage issues. The crushed rock permits ample drain, which stops breaking because of icy water entrapped below the patio area.
  4. What you need to next is to build a form to hold the crushed rock and also concrete which s generally made from timber. It functions as a framework to place the crushed rock in position, as opposed to spreading out past the boundaries of your patio area. The kind could be built from timber or solid plastic or rubber, and also ought to penetrate the ground lining the whole boundary of the outdoor patio location.
  5. If you desire the outdoor patio flush with the ground, the top of the form must be along the lines of the bordering grass. Then place in the crushed rock. See to it you tamp it down strongly to prevent moving in the future. Two-inch high level items of rock must be mounted in addition to the crushed rock, to function as support for rebar strengthening (the rebar will certainly be constructed in the center of the 4 inch piece of concrete.


If these instructions sound too complicated, you can always count on Porter Hayes Landscaping LLC to work on your patio and landscaping with ease and professional outcome.


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