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Beautiful Charleston Spring Landscaping

landscapingBeautiful Charleston Spring Landscaping

I am sitting looking out at the rain that we desperately need and thinking of the coming spring weather. We have been fortunate here in Charleston to have a very mild winter and it looks like we will have an early spring. If you are starting to get spring fever, here are a few tips to help you get started with your spring landscaping project.

Tips for Charleston Spring Landscaping

Pick up the debris from winter.

You may want to start your landscaping Charleston project by getting rid of all the yard debris. This includes dead wood, broken limbs, dried leaves and any debris in your pool. This is the time to do the basics: rake the yard, pull weeds, trim the trees and touch up on the mulch. Always think of safety when doing your spring landscaping and be sure to wear thick gloves, heavy jeans and sturdy boots. If you are considering doing some changes to your landscaping, you will want to do this step first and then look at the changes later.

Clean up Your Gutters.

If you are like me, this is a chore that you tend to put off but it is very necessary for a healthy landscaping. This is a potentially dangerous job and you may want to consider hiring a handyman to assist you. Gutters that are not kept clean can not only damage your landscaping but they can also cause roof damage. Your downspouts should be operable and strategically placed or they can cause an overflow in your yard and garden areas.

Plant and prune.

This is a good time to prune bushes, fruit trees and our local trees. Are you thinking of planting a vegetable garden? Now is the time to prepare your garden and plant carrots, peas, onions and broccoli. More delicate plants, like tomatoes, can be started inside for later planting when the weather is warmer.

Flower bulbs.

You have probably noticed that daffodils and tulips are starting to bloom. You will want to create a map of exactly where your bulbs are sprouting and this will help you later when you decide to add late-blooming flowers and plants. Later if you are unsure where to add more flowers, your spring blub map will assist you on where the color will be complimented.

Repair walls, fences and decks.

Take a close look at any rock walls, decorative stones, decking or fencing that was knocked look over the winter. Now is the time to make repairs before the summer outdoor entertaining is in full swing. This will help to ensure there are no unexpected accidents.

Prepare tools.

Now is the time to sharpen those lawn mower blades, planting sheers and other tools used in spring landscaping. When the sun does come out and it is time to get to work, you will be prepared.

Give us a call if the thought of all this landscaping preparation is giving you a headache. We know that you want to enjoy your outdoor space, not dedicate all your free time to maintaining it.

Porter Hayes Landscaping LLC can help you with a one-time chore such as tree trimming and removing debris or they can be your full time landscaping company.

Porter Hayes Landscaping LLC provides free quotes so you can decide how much or how little you want to do yourself.

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