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Lawn Care Tips To Prepare Your Yard For Spring

landscapingLawn Care Tips To Prepare Your Yard For Spring

After enduring a long winter and during these challenging times, you’ll be looking forward to finally get outside to enjoy the warm weather with your loved ones. Fortunately, you can plan ahead of time for your entertainment and outdoor living this coming spring. Winter will take tool on your lawn. Just like the inside of your house, which needs spring cleaning, your Charleston landscaping also needs to be spruced up before you can use your lawn as a recreational space.

Preparing Your Landscape For Spring

Porter Hayes Landscaping LLC suggests these following landscaping tips to help you prepare your yard for your upcoming outdoor entertaining for this coming spring.

  1. Get rid of dead limbs, plants, and leaves
  2. Trim trees and bushes
  3. Transplanting, planting, mowing, weeding, and mulching
  4. Nourish with family friendly and safe organic treatments
  5. Treat and fix hardscapes

Porter Hayes Landscaping LLC can help you set up your yard and make it looks fresh and stunning for outdoor living and entertaining this coming spring.

When To Start Preparing Your Yard?

It’s never too early to begin preparing your yard for outdoor entertaining and living for spring. However, checking for Mother Nature’s cues is one good way to check when you should begin. For some, that will mean seeing the first robin appear for spring. For other people, it’s after winter’s last frost.

Fastest Way To Clean The Yard

When it comes to lawn care, cleaning your lawn can be overwhelming. Depending on how effective your fall cleanup was, there might be dead plants or leaves in your garden, limbs have been strewn about your property, and in some cases these pesky weeds always seem to be the first to grow. Spring outdoor living and entertaining is great but the question is, how can you clean things quickly so you could begin to enjoy the weather. It is ideal to begin with high and big things that make high impact. Clear your yard and garden of limbs, sticks, and dead limbs. Don’t forget to mow the lawn. It will provide you the clean slate for your spring planting and for nourishing your yard so it would be ready for spring outdoor living in no time.

What You Need For An Outdoor Party?

What you need for your outdoor party will depend on what kind of parties you are planning to have. A few basic ones that you will need include space, which should be dry, clear and free of hazards. You should also consider landscape lighting, which may include outdoor lighting fixtures, standing lights, and string lights.

When it comes to the shelter, it could be tents, awnings, umbrellas, pop-ups, or canopies. For the grill and equipment, you can choose from coolers, grills, bar carts, serving equipment, sports equipment, and more. For the seating, you have the option to have lots of tables and chairs. For the ambiance, you can ask an expert landscaper to create a stunning landscape design for your property.

Call Porter Hayes Landscaping LLC if you need help in preparing your landscape for spring.

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