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Traditional Look with Brick Landscape Edging

Traditional Look with Brick Landscape Edging

Brick Landscape Edging CharlestonCharleston brick landscape edging is usually used to retain gravel and soil in flower beds, and to prevent grass and weeds from overflowing and growing onto the paths and driveways it delineates. Rainwater is also evacuated safely without any worries over the soil washing away with it. Brick landscape edging is mostly used in gardens to delineate and define paths, flower beds, and trees.

Brick landscape edging is an ideal option when looking for a softer separation between paths, lawns, and garden beds. Since the brick is prominent in its display, it softens the hard edge of a clean-break edging and creates a smooth flow in the landscape.  Aside from being functional in its edging purpose, it’s also a decorative addition to the Charleston landscape.

Available in traditional and muted brick colors, brick landscape edging also allows for setting and architectural accuracy when used in gardens and landscapes of period houses, and brick houses. It helps to create a uniformity of setting, where the same type of material of the building flows into the garden and blends it into one complete design. The bricks further enhance the feel, allure, and softened look of a romantic English countryside.

Beside its sturdy appearance statement, brick landscape edging is also durable and will last a long time. Irregularly sized bricks can be used, which help in utilizing mismatched pieces, and these can also be used to give the garden the appearance of sprouting from ruins and walls. Brick landscape edging also allows for straight or curvilinear alignment. Bricks are available in left and right curved shapes to accommodate bends and can be used for circular designs, like a ring around a tree edge.

Brick edging may be more expensive and can sometimes be rather difficult to work with and install.  Care should be taken when mowing around the brick edges.  But brick edging can be a beautiful and complimentary addition to your landscape.

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