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5 Reasons Your Business Needs Landscaping Charleston SC

landscaping Charleston SC5 Reasons Your Business Needs Landscaping Charleston SC

Landscaping Charleston SC should be considered as a necessity instead of a luxury. For a business with physical locations, landscaping is what clients see first, experience, and judge. If your outdoor space is poorly maintained, it will send a negative message to your prospective clients and to the general public, too.

Landscaping Charleston SC Adds Value To Your Business

Consider landscaping as a form of indirect marketing. A properly maintained exterior can be seen as a direct reflection of your company. You should treat your landscape as an aspect of branding that lets you say what your tagline and logo can’t. If you’re wondering about the return on investment of your landscaping, you should think about this. A well-maintained and groomed landscaping can boost the value of your property by up to 15%.

Attract More People

It is not surprising that people will respond much better to sets that have a good amount of green footprint. One survey discovered that 74% of the public prefer to gather in stores and common areas of commercial establishments with more plants, trees, and fresh greenery.

Improve Your Employee’s Well-Being

Landscaping maintenance is a proactive way of promoting wellness in your workplace. A study conducted by the University of Exeter discovered that workers who are surrounded by nature and natural landscapes suffer stress less. Aside from that, it found that participants saw a 40% increase in their environmental satisfaction.

Looks are Important

Contrary to common belief, looks matter a lot. Making the outside of your establishment look pretty may involve a basic clean up but the overall objective must be to have it complement the building where your business is.

In case your facility needs to improve its curb appeal, you have to do something with it like work with a landscape designer right away to prevent it from negatively impacting your business. The public may assume that your business isn’t updated or worse, they may think that as a business owner, you’re not proud of your work. Furthermore, a study revealed that curb appeal accounts for 70% of first-time sales.

Save Money and Time

Is there anything that’s much better than time and money? Hire landscaping experts if your outdoors need proper maintenance. If you think you’re better off hiring in-house landscapers, you need to remember that you have to handle the training of your staff, purchasing the equipment, and maintaining them, too. You’re also responsible for reordering the needed landscaping supplies and making sure that your landscaping team is safe.

Although you can save some cash if you rake the leaves and pick weeks yourself. But the question is, are you doing a good job? What about the types of jobs that you’re not familiar with? Do you expect your employees or yourself to spend all your spare time googling what needs to be done? Why don’t you hire a professional instead?


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