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All About Landscape Professionals

landscapeAll About Landscape Professionals

There are seven types of experts who can help your landscape and gardens. These are the landscape architect, landscape designer, garden designer, landscape contractor, landscaper, nursery, and landscape builder or designer. Even though there is an overlap, these are basically different kinds and levels of professionals. Below is a brief discussion about their general description, strengths, and weaknesses.

Landscape Architect

A landscape architect has a Bachelor’s degree and have at least six years of higher education. Experts at this field have an innate appreciation for nature and they love working using their hands. They also have strong analytical skills. They have good communication skills and can convey their ideas to other experts and clients. A Charleston landscape architect can provide solutions when it comes to creating spaces. They know about building techniques and codes, legalities, and etc. He can offer a detailed plan with material quantities, specifications, sizes, and etc. However, these experts are not taught about horticulture and that means their plant recommendations are quite limited.

Landscape Designer

These experts are certified through one or several programs, which are commonly associated with an educational facility. However, there are also other organizations or individuals that offer a certification program. They work well with site analysis, practical considerations like elevations and availability, cost estimates, and all other aspects of designing a sustainable and implementable landscape.

Garden Designer

A garden designer have a formal education but they are not that well versed when it comes to horticulture. They also work with cost estimates, light availability, but they don’t usually work with hardscape elements. They are more skilled at dealing with plants. They know how to create beautiful planting beds with ornamental trees, shrubs, vines, perennials, and groundcovers.

Landscape Contractor

A landscape contractor implements or installs landscapes. They are also often contracted for garden maintenance tasks. They have the ability to build masonry structures like walls, walks, patios, wood structures like decks and arbors.


A landscaper is a garden maintenance expert. He has a small truck with a trailer, lawn mowers, electric pruning shears, string cutters, shovels, rakes, and brooms.


Several nurseries know how to install and design landscapes. They work under the supervision of someone who are skilled at the horticultural industry. They make money through installation and their plants.

Landscape Designer/Builder

This expert combines the services provided by a landscape contractor and landscape designer. Some have a formal education while others do not. They can do the whole job from the design to the installation. Before you hire one, be sure to check his portfolio first. Don’t forget to ask for recommendations as well.

Always consider talent, compatibility, integrity, and capability when hiring someone to create your landscape or garden. If you don’t feel like the expert isn’t a good fit for the job you need then stop right there immediately. Ask for recommendations from their past clients. This will help you assess if they were able to do a good job during their past works.

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