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landscapingProfessional Residential and Commercial Landscaping Services

Several business and homeowners might believe that landscaping is just for aesthetic reasons. However, it goes way beyond the appearance. Landscaping offers many advantages for both commercial and residential property owners. With the help of professionals, you can have a great looking, functional, and sustainable landscape.

Visual Advantages

The first of the details that most onlookers notice when it comes to a professionally maintained and designed landscape are the lushness of the lawn, the pathway lines, the well trimmed trees and hedges, the vibrant flowerbeds as well as the water features of ornamental accessories. Landscapes that are filled with flowerbeds could produce wonderful scents and stunning shades however, the benefits of landscaping are more than these.

Environmental Benefits of Residential Landscaping

There are several environmental advantages to expertly maintained designed commercial and residential landscaping. Professional landscapers in Charleston work with business and homeowners to make a landscape that satisfies all of their requirements while also doing good by the environment. Environmental advantages of landscaping are as follows:

Clean environment – plants include flowers, shrubs, grass, and trees can help catch dust and pollutants. Grass as well as other plants produce oxygen, which all living creatures need to live.

Cleaner air – aside from producing oxygen, plants and grasses could also absorb carbon dioxide, which they transform into carbon and oxygen, which provides more oxygen for property owners.

Cooling characteristics – grass is much cooler than asphalt, cement, and other non porous surfaces. Properties with grass lawns could experience a cooling effect that keeps the surface for about 20 degrees cooler than bare soil and asphalt. The Commercial and residential properties with grass lawns will enjoy the cooling effect that keeps the surface at the very least 20 degrees cooler than bare soil or asphalt. Additionally, a property with threes offer shade to the building structures might also experience reduced interior temperature.

Less Noise – pavement, concrete and other hard surfaces could increase the noise levels in a property. However, those that have landscaped lawns, plants and trees could significantly decrease the pollution and noise levels in their area.

Water Filtration – landscaping has trees, plants, and grass that could absorb harmful runoff and can help in filtering it, meaning water supplies are kept healthier.

Benefits Of Commercial Landscaping

Commercial landscaping services offer several benefits to business owners. The number of businesses that rent spaces in a building that has top quality landscaping could increase. The lush landscaping and tree canopies could encourage shoppers to travel much further, stay much longer, and also spend more cash at businesses. Employees who could enjoy the view of a well manicured lawn from the windows of a commercial building perform better and enjoy better health. Professional landscaping services concentrate on designing lawns as well as greenspaces that fulfill the needs of the client while protecting the environment.

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