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Landscaping Tips For The Cold Winter Months

landscapingLandscaping Tips For The Cold Winter Months

A lot of people are thinking that summer and spring are the most crucial seasons for landscaping maintenance. But as a matter of fact, fall is by far the most crucial one. During this season, your landscape begins to move into dormancy and retain energy for the upcoming cold winter months. Seeding, aerating, as well as fertilizing the lawn during the fall is important to its survival during the cold winter season.

Here are a few Charleston landscaping tips on how you could prepare for the cooler weather in Charleston.

Aeration and Seeding

Before winter dormancy sets in, the lawn will first go into storage mode, getting as much food as it can for sustenance throughout the cold winter days. Aeration will loosen up the compacted and dry soil and offer access for water, nutrients, and light to reach further down into the root system. Offering this access to the roots of the lawns is important to making sure that it gets the right amount of nutrition it requires to store up energy for the coming dormant period. Once done aerating, the next thing that needs to be done is seeding and fertilization. The seeds that you plant will take root during the winter and it will grow lush and thick once spring comes. Fall fertilization also provides the nutrients that they require to remain healthy during the colder season.

Fertilizing your Lawn

If you wish for your grass to have all the needed nutrients for sustenance when it goes dormant during winter, then you should fertilize your lawn. These nutrients help your grass throughout the winter season. They also aid in creating stronger, healthier, and thicker lawn when it grows back. In case your lawn can’t access the right nutrients, it will face the risk of starving and may even lead to death when spring comes. Fall fertilization feeds the root system of the lawn and develops a stronger, denser network of roots that leads to a much greener and healthier lawn.

Get Rid of Overgrown, Dead Braches

Trim the shrubs, trees, as well as other landscape plants during the fall season. This will help tidy up before the cold weather comes. Trimming gets rid of any dying, dead, and overgrown branches and also helps prevent diseases from creating and spreading throughout the landscape. Some plants like perennials and a few fruit trees need winter pruning to encourage spring growth and improve bud and fruit production during the growing season. Be sure that your plants are trimmed and pruned correctly to make sure that they are safeguarded from the winter cold and would grow much stronger compared to when spring returns.

Clean Up Your Yard

Several companies like Porter Hayes Landscaping offer these services and in some cases they’re all included in a single package that’s often called as a fall yard cleanup. They include debris and leaf removal, pruning and trimming, weeding, and mulch installation.

Provide your landscape with everything it needs to survive the cold winter season by scheduling landscaping services in Charleston.

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