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Landscaping Tips for Dog Owners

landscapingLandscaping Tips for Dog Owners

Is your lawn riddled with doggie poop and urine? Don’t worry about it. You’re not alone and there are relatively simple landscaping solutions that you can follow to avoid stumbling on a messy situation. However, you do have to keep in mind that you’ll be adding in the fact that your landscaping design will need to be associated with pets.

A good landscaping plan would begin with ditching the regular concept of landscaping. With dogs in mind, effective landscaping Charleston will be far different from that of your average approach. If you will be letting your dog run free in your yard, you’ll have to consider some adjustments, particularly on how to maintain it. If you don’t make these changes, your dogs will continue to drag dirt in the house, make a mess everywhere, and do their business wherever they want. Here are a few tips for you to follow:

Make use hardscaping to avoid urine spots

Dogs have favorite spots where they urinate and grass is among them. You can switch over to a hardscape instead of grass. Since hardscape requires little maintenance and no grass, you won’t have to worry about lawn care. You’ll have less grass to maintain, which of course, translates to the lesser time needed for maintenance. Stone masonry also prevents dogs from digging a hole in your yard and messing up the grass.

Get to know different types of grasses

If you don’t like the added costs of hardscaping, you can go green with grass. But before anything else, you need to get to know your grass. Some variants of grass are more resilient against foot traffic. That means even if your pooch runs over them quite frequently, damage sustained is minimal.

Considering grass alternatives

When you have dogs, the main thing that you are going to worry about is the wear and tear on your grass. Dogs will bring in a lot of foot traffic on your grass. They poop and urinate on them too and that will leave your grass with stains and uneven spots. Some are just unsightly. However, you can rid yourself of grass problems entirely with clover lawns. The fact that clover does not stain even after repetitive exposure to urine makes it a good candidate for replacing grass.

Diluting dog urine

If you still want to stick with grass, that’s not an issue. You can lessen, if not rid, the problem altogether. Constant flushing will do the trick. If you spot your dog urinating in a particular area, be sure to wash it over with water. This will dilute the urine and let it seep into the ground in a less harmful manner to your grass.

Putting up fences

If you want to have a beautiful lawn and have your dogs out at the same time, you could simply install fences around your precious plants. Not only will this keep your dogs out, but this also makes lawn care a lot easier since you won’t have to worry about your plants.

Summing up all considerations

Having a good looking lawn and having dogs doesn’t have to be a huge burden anymore. You can have the best of both worlds with a few simple solutions. You do have to make some drastic changes to your lawn, but the end results will let you and your pooches enjoy your lawn without it getting severely damaged.

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