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Landscaping With Christmas Lights

landscapingLandscaping With Christmas Lights

Now that Thanksgiving is just around the corner, it’s time for the holiday magic to begin! It’s formally time to dig in that dusty attic once again, or the old shed out back and untangle those unending rows of Christmas lights. If you’re a Christmas enthusiast like I am, then you will no doubt wish to deck your home with the festive display of Christmas lights to impress your next-door neighbors and spread holiday cheer. If you’re jolly, you’ll want to not only illuminate your house with designs, but also work on Christmas decoration for the backyard. Your Charleston landscaping expert can help you with style concepts, or you can get lots of photos and concepts online.

Landscaping for Christmas in Charleston

Doing outside Christmas decorating is a task that is enjoyable and fun to include your kids in. Even the little ones can assist decipher light strands or plug them in to check them. Older ones can help install lights or yard decorations that do not involve ladders or other unsafe work.

Make sure when you are purchasing your Christmas lights that you choose lights that are water resistant or made for outdoor usage. Do not be afraid to experiment with color and size. LED lights have the tendency to be a bit more expensive, however they last far longer and are quite a bit brighter, which makes them a fantastic option for outside lighting. Keep in mind that you need not string together more than 3 strands of lights at a time. If you’re utilizing the bigger C9 or C7 bulbs, they can give a fun, classic look that’s old-fashioned, but they do blow easier, so you must just string these 2 strands at a time.

Always keep in mind your landscaping style for Christmas. You can light up shrubs with different colors or wind illuminate trees. Here in the seaside areas, we have palm trees and they look stunning with Christmas lights all through them! Chase lights develop the twinkle result, while there are also lights made just for tracing the outside shape of your house. These lights can be purchased online in any length you require. You can also get lighting nets that can be curtained over bushes.

If you need landscaping assistance this Christmas, make sure to call us at Porter Hayes Landscaping. We are pros in Christmas embellishing for your home outside, as well as your yard and other landscaping functions. Why not do it up right this Christmas and have among those gorgeous houses you see in other communities or in the publications? You’ll marvel how many individuals will drive by your home to appreciate your workmanship this Christmas after your masterpiece is completed. It’s terrific to share the holiday spirit with neighbors and passers-by alike. If you’re actually enthusiastic, you can create your lights to be set to music. It’s a really enjoyable way to commemorate Christmas!

Call us today at Porter Hayes Landscaping and let us assist you create your ideal Christmas showcase this year. You’ll be shocked at how inexpensive it really is to go all out for Christmas with your landscaping and lighting.

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