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Landscaping Chores and Tips For Fall

landscapingLandscaping Chores and Tips For Fall

The best time to put your garden to bed and wind down. By making the needed preparations on your landscape now, you will be able to save time for the next spring once the growing season starts again. Check off these landscaping tasks as soon as you can so that you won’t be caught off guard by an unexpected snowfall or hard frost. Once done, you can just sit back and being dreaming about your garden next year.

Celebrate Fall Through Landscaping

Professionals in landscape Charleston said you should switch to ornamental grasses and kale instead of keeping those summer annuals. Arrange gourds and pumpkins around your home and yard, and then decorate arbors and lamp posts with dried cornstalks. Cut off the branches of beautyberry and cotoneaster to decorate your dining room table for the festive harvest dinners, or maybe add the branches into your outdoor containers for additional extra colors.

Extend The Season

In case you don’t have one already in your yard, you should install a portable fire bowl or have a fire pit built. This outdoor feature could chill off cold fall nights. Add the fire pit in your patio or in your yard where you already have a seating. Spend time with your family and friends and reminisce about summer while toasting marshmallows.

Bargain Hunt

Expert landscapers also said you should visit your local nursery for end of the season sale. At this time, you can get a discount on what usually are costly shrubs and trees. Nurseries offer great discounts during this time so they don’t have to carry extra inventory during winter. You should plant them as soon as you can to keep them well watered until they reach dormancy.

Improve The Beds

With the cooler weather, it is the best time to divide as well as move your perennials. You should get this done at least a few weeks before your average first hard frost so that your plants will have time to recover from the transplant shock and to establish new roots. You need to cover your garden beds with a few inches of mulch for additional winter protection.

Support The Wildlife

Rather than cut back on your perennials at this time of the year, you can leave plants that have seed heads like asters, coneflowers, as well as ornamental grasses so that your feathered friends will have some food during winter. Be sure that your garden has native shrubs and trees along with late season berries including viburnum, hawthorn, as well as beauty berry for the seasonal color and extra food for wildlife.

Be Sustainable

Experts at Porter Hayes Landscaping also said you need to add green practices into your regular fall cleanup routine. Rather than bag fallen leaves to be taken away, shred leaves finely using a mower and add them as layers of beds to benefit the soil. You can even add the leftovers to your compost pile. You should winterize compost by insulating using a thick layer of straw or leaves so you could trap the heat that’s generated once organic matter is broken down. Cover it with a permeable cloth so that moisture is allowed to get in and also to stop the material from blowing away.

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