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The Best Ways to Landscape your Beachfront Property

The Best Ways to Landscape your Beachfront Property

Beachfront homes in Charleston can provide idyllic surroundings for property owners when utilizing well prepared landscaping. When saltwater is a consider in landscaping, there are added considerations — consisting of capability, maintainability, visual appeals and being cost effective — that should be thought about to produce a sustainable environment that will serve the requirements of nature and your family.

Read the pointers listed below and learn more about the best ways to landscape your beachfront property.

Salt tolerant greenery – Among the most essential elements to think about when landscaping a seaside area is salt-tolerant plants. If your house is within 1/8 of a mile from the Charleston oceanfront, you should be planting greenery with differing degrees of salt tolerance. The Japanese black evergreen, willow oak, oleander and confederate jasmine are all kinds of plants that are exceptionally tolerant of salt, sandy soil and dry conditions.

Direct sun exposure – When dreaming of and creating a green landscape for your beachfront property, the percentage of sun exposure is another important aspect to think about. The specific plants you select and where you place them will vary depending upon the kind of sun your home is exposed to. Seek advice from a professional Charleston landscaping company to find out if the plants that you’re planning to use tolerate full sun, light shade, part shade or full shade. Take note of nearby building such as a shed or pool cabana that will bring partial shade during the day. This will also affect which plants and shrubbery you choose.

Hardscape – Hardscape is all of surfaces that makes up your landscape that are not grass or plants. When possible, avoid utilizing non-porous surface areas, including concrete and blacktop, for hardscape surfaces. Water that runs from these surface areas might include toxins that are then carried off into bodies of water, which can infect our oceans and environment.

Before jumping into a hardscape design, think about the effect you are trying to create. When you have a style in mine, choose just a few materials that will bring that style to life. Avoid a look that is all one texture or color. Find two or three materials that are visually appealing and incorporate them into your beach front landscaping design.

When creating your landscape, integrate porous surface areas, such as brick, mulch, gravel and turf block. These permeable hardscape surface areas are not just good for the environment but they are cost effective and a can reduce the effect of water runoff.

Call Porter Hayes Landscaping when you have an idea of the effect you want to create with your beach front landscaping. We can help you with the design and implementation of your landscaping.

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