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Why Hardscaping Is A Landscapes Friend

Why Hardscaping Is A Landscapes Friend

hardwcaping charlestonA full-service landscape contracting business can do more than just help you grow a greener lawn, freshen up your mulch beds and trim bushes. However, it takes a broad spectrum of knowledge and installation knowledge for a well-rounded contractor to offer services that can attend to a large gamut of home owner requirements. Hardscaping is an ever-expanding category of landscape design choices where homeowners will discover a surplus of useful answers.

For those not knowledgeable about the term, a hardscape describes those places in your landscaping which are not movable – they other materials such as flagstone, gravel, pebbles, rocks, wood, etc. in addition to manufactured products such as concrete, interlocking concrete pavers and segmental wall blocks. As a frame of reference, planters and pots are considered part of hardscaping, however the plants inside them are “softscape.” Applications using hardscaping treatments consist of driveways, pathways, ground level and raised outdoor patios, decks, balconies, arbors, terraces, pergolas, gazebos, pavilions, walls, ponds, fountains, pools, jacuzzis, and a list of other things, too lengthy to point out.

Although usually connected with their visual benefits, hardscaping is best as solutions- based alternative to landscaping. For instance, retaining walls are built in order to keep back earth that would otherwise move downwards. Their purpose is to stabilize slopes and offer useful locations at different elevations, e.g. balconies for plantings and/or to develop a more level front yard, to build an abutment surrounding a driveway or to border a staircase, and are utilized to shore-up a raised outdoor patio in a yard with a grade.

Unlike natural stone, manufactured wallstones are designed specifically to fulfill practical needs with features that guarantee a best fit in a variety of wall types ranging from maintaining walls to freestanding walls; brief or high walls to straight, curved and serpentine walls installed vertically or setback for included strength. A wall system can likewise be used to enhance personal privacy. Walls over 36″-high are described as “crafted walls” and may necessitate the services of an engineer. Your contractor should consult homeowner associations to acquire requirements covering the kind of wall being built.

Hardscapes For Curb Appeal And Outdoor Living

In a lot of cases, columns, staircases and bench seating can be built using the exact same or matching design, color and face texture of ornamental wall systems used in other places. This advantage uses outdoor living elements such as outdoor cooking areas and pizza ovens, fire pits, outdoor fireplaces and pond-less waterfall devices, which are also readily available as pre-cut, pre-packaged Charleston hardscaping kits for easier and affordable setup from Porter Hayes Landscaping.

When we consider the variety of hardscape products, interlocking concrete pavers can likewise act as problem solvers in your community. Installing hardscapes around driveways can help with drainage during heavy rain storms. They can redirect ground water which will prevent flooding in the road where vehicles can get stuck and making it easier for pedestrians.

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