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Concrete vs Brick Patios in Charleston SC

charleston patioConcrete vs Brick Patios in Charleston SC

An outdoor patio is not just the perfect way to take advantage of summer and fall, however the very best way to unwind and relax after a long busy day at the office. Luckily for eager Charleston homeowners, there are a few alternatives as far as outdoor patio products, the most popular which seem to be either brick or concrete.

Concrete outdoor patios is the basic style across most of the country. They are resilient, look excellent no matter the size and require little if any maintenance. Brick patios, while likewise resilient, offers various designs and gives any home that traditional look a lot of people long for in the Charleston area.

However, there are benefits and downsides to both. See the ongoing dispute in between brick and concrete patio areas.

Charleston Patio Cost

Concrete Patio Cost

Not a surprise, concrete prices will mainly depend upon the size of your outdoor Charleston patio. The larger the patio area, the more expensive the task will be. Nevertheless, typical concrete rates range in between $6/sf and $15/sf. The best way to truly determine what it will cost? Give Porter Hayes Landscaping a call for a free estimate.

Besides the size, other factors that can reduce or increase the total concrete patio area expense are the kind of concrete (standard concrete is the cheapest), the color (if you opt to include color) and the design (complex develops raise the price).

Brick Outdoor Patio Cost

Just like a concrete outdoor patio, the overall brick patio area cost will mainly depend upon labor. More often than not, the cost of labor is more costly than the cost of materials. Nonetheless, the kind of products does contribute.

The typical price for a brick patio area can range from $10/sf to $50/sf. Needless to say, if you utilize premium materials, the project will be more expensive.

Most property owners will choose clay pavers or concrete brick pavers. It may be a surprise but, clay is more costly than concrete, but in general, will depend on the quality of brick you select. Just be careful that it is rather common for property owners to save a dollar or two and go with an inferior kind of brick patio, however regretfully, pay more in the long run for repairs and maintenance.

Durability Factors

Concrete Patios

Concrete patio areas are extremely resilient no matter where you live. Whether you reside in Chicago with long winter seasons or Seattle with all that rainfall, a concrete patio area can stand with the best of them. Fortunately, here in Charleston SC we have relatively mild weather year around which means homeowners have a longer season to enjoy any outdoor living area.

Among the reasons concrete outdoor patio areas are so durable is due to the sealant lots of landscaping pros add. The sealant prevents moisture from rain and mist from seeping into the concrete. Sealants are also good for concrete decking around a pool area, providing a barrier to most pool chemicals.

Regardless of its resilient nature, concrete can chip or fracture throughout the years. Also, concrete patios can just take so much abuse. Regretfully, if you chose a colored or marked concrete outdoor patio, the repairs will not be low-cost. Similar to paint or carpet, it’s not always simple discovering an exact match if you didn’t acquire additional prior to setup.

Lastly, weeds tend to grow in between concrete pavers, but typical weed killers or pesticides are readily offered at your local hardware shop.

Durability Of Brick Patios

Charleston Concrete Patio CharlestonMuch like concrete, brick patio areas are long lasting and can last for decades if cared for appropriately. It can stand up against inches of snow and rain. However, depending on the product and color of options, the brick can chip and fade after a long period of time. Similarly, if your area sees heavy rains, do not expect that brilliant red to last forever.

Additionally, brick can also chip, crack and develop weeds in time. Luckily, fixing brick patio areas is simpler than the majority of concrete patios as most property owners purchase extra bricks. Keep in mind, it is a good idea to buy extra material for any home improvement job.

Patio Versatility

Concrete Patios

As I have already mentioned, there are couple of alternatives when it comes to concrete patio area designs, the two most typical which are stamped and colored concrete.

Stamped concrete is the process of embellishing the concrete once it has been laid. The name says it all. When the concrete is still damp, the expert stamps a design in the concrete. When it dries, the design will be imprinted into the concrete. There is no limit to exactly what designers can do with stamped concrete.

Colored concrete is another alternative. You can color concrete to match that red brick color or go totally out of package and add a blue-green design to your concrete patio. The pro will either utilize a concrete color or concrete stain. Either way, colored concrete will add in between 10% and 30% of the total expense and is seldom finished by a homeowner (call a pro).

Brick Patios

While lots of property owners use brick to add a standard, red color to their patio area, much like concrete, there are a lot of design and colors to select from. If you are aiming to go vibrant, just about any color can be added to brick to match the exterior of your home.

Likewise, brick enables you to integrate several styles. From a basket weave to a complicated herringbone style, there are a lot of brick outdoor patio designs to pick from.

Upkeep of Your Charleston Patio

Concrete Patios

Because of their long life-spans, both concrete and brick patio areas need little maintenance. Aside from the occasional clean and weed spray, both require little if any care over the years.

Nevertheless, if you wish to make sure a long life for your brand new concrete patio area, I highly recommend at least one coat of sealant every few years. This is particularly essential for areas that see a great deal of rainfall and misty sea air like Charleston.

Additionally, ensure you fix any cracks or chips as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the more likely the chip reaches other areas of the patio. Fortunately, a little crack, for example, can be filled out with epoxy and take less than an hour to complete.

Brick Patios

Similar to concrete pavers, brick patios can become dirty, irregular and can develop weeds in coming up between the bricks. For irregular brick outdoor patios, property owners need to fix any drainage issues around the patio area by pulling up the bricks in the irregular areas and inspecting the sand/base of the patio. If you have to, include a few extra layers.

Brick should be cleaned on a constant basis and sealed every 2 to 3 years. You can purchase a masonry cleaning agent at your local hardware store to clean up the pavers. You could also buy where you purchase weed killers.

By following the steps above your Charleston patio should last for decades to come. Call Porter Hayes Landscaping to help you design the outdoor living space of your dreams or for ideas on repairing an existing patio.

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